How To Find Router IP

How to find the IP address of the router that you use is something that many people don’t know. With my own experience and the information I know, today we share four regular ways to find out the IP address of the router, so you won’t be confused.¬†You can know what the IP address of the router is.

Find the router IP through the gateway

  1. In the lower right corner of the system, open the network and share center. My wireless router is connected, so click on the wireless icon, pop-up dialog box click to open the network and share center.
  2. Then, on the open page, click to open the wireless network connection.
  3. In the connection state, click the details
  4. In the next open dialog, you can see that IPv4 corresponds to the IP address of the router.

Find the router IP address by the ipconfig command

  1. After entering CMD in the start menu search box, open the command dialog box.
  2. Then enter the ipconfig command and click the Enter key.
  3. The default gateway is found in the information that pops up, which corresponds to the router’s IP address.

Find the IP address on the back of the router

The premise of this method is that the router address has not been modified, and we can look at the tag on the back of the router or the manual, which shows the router’s IP address and the username and password.

Find the IP of router with a mobile phone

  1. First, connect your WIFI with a mobile phone.
  2. Click the “network details” on the right side of the WIFI that has been connected. (different mobile phone tips are different, for example, HUAWEI phone needs to click “menu” “advanced settings” in WLAN to find IP).
  3. If there is no router address, replace the last IP address of the mobile phone to 1.