IP address is one of the most popular router IP addresses. It is the web management address that the router must have. There are many different routers using their own IP addresses:,,, but in this article, we only introduce

Why do you need the management address?

The management panel is very important for the owners of each router. If you want to use your device without any help from others, you should know the information about the router. Here, you can make changes in the device settings. The most important setting is responsible for your data security. This is because a large number of hackers will not refuse to steal your personal information.

The IP address of the HUAWEI router is You can find information about entering HUAWEI router management panel below.

How to login in

HUAWEI router manufacturers set special software in routers to make some changes to the configuration of routers.

  1. Open the web browser. What browsers you use is not important. But do not download browsers from third party websites, because this is dangerous for your personal computer.
  2. In the browser’s address bar, you need to enter HUAWEI IP address. As we mentioned above, HUAWEI manufacturers use the IP address. Press the Enter key.

How to change the default IP

Some people don’t like, but it doesn’t matter. There are two ways to change it.

  1. Setting the default IP address with the router’s installation CD.
  2. Change the router’s IP in the router’s setting panel.

Forget the IP address and its solution

Each of us is likely to forget the router’s IP address. In this case, please don’t panic. The manufacturer has the solution to this problem:

  1. Returning router’s IP address by checking it.
  2. Reset the router’s IP address by resetting it. To do this, you need to find the reset button and hold it for about 10 seconds.

Notice:After the router has been reset, it will return to the factory default value. All settings will be cleared. The IP address of the router will be changed to “” again, and the username and password will be changed to “admin”.

All default router IP addresses, user names and passwords can be found in a specific list of our websites. This list is not only used for Huawei.