this IP is meant for managing your modem or router panel.router is a device used in computer networks to connect networks that are dissimilar and that work on different protocols. For example, you are likely to find a router or wireless router connecting a LAN and a WAN; for instance your private local area network to the Internet. 

You often get routers from Internet service providers, since these allow you to connect your computer or home network to the telephone line.

what can you do with the ip can be used repeatedly, and it can also be used by more than one user (if they are in different networks). One device in the network uses, but this IP address can also be used within some other network.

If you want to access your router, type "" in the address bar of your browser. If prompted for login information, enter "admin" for both the username and the password.

where is the router's username and password?

The username and the password are at the back of the router,if you have forgot your username or password, you should reset router.

Here's how to reset router:

  1. Turn around the device so you have access to the back of the router.

  2. Hold down the Reset button. You may need to use a pen or other small, pointy object.

  3. Release the reset button after holding it for at least 10 seconds.

  4. Unplug the router for a few seconds and then plug it back in.

  5. Wait 30 seconds, giving the router time to boot up.

  6. Connect the router to your computer via a network cable.

  7. Connect to the router via and enter the default password of "admin".

  8. Change the default router password from "admin" to something more secure. Be sure to take note of the password this time! Storing it in a free password manager is a good idea.