IP address is one of the most popular router management addresses, and many routers are using it. What can you do with it? It can be used to enter the web interface of routers, commonly referred to as management panels. Now, there are many good router manufacturers, but let’s talk about the use of in Netgear routers.

When I need to use the management panel

Netgear router users can use in router configuration. There are many settings that can be changed by the administrator. Router settings mainly consider security, because there are many ways to lose your personal information, and it is not easy to save it. Finally, the Netgear router’s software provides you with the most powerful security. Let’s learn how to set these settings in the web interface.

How to log in Netgear’s

  1. Every time we visit the router’s management panel, we need to know the router’s IP address. As we discovered above, the Netgear router uses the IP address
  2. The default IP of the router may have been changed a long time ago, so you may not remember. There is a good way to find it. You can use a special router IP software.
  3. If you are lucky enough to find the router’s IP, we can log on to it. To enter the router’s gateway, you should have Internet browsers. But what browser you use is not important.
  4. Type the IP address of Netgear in the address bar of the web browser. Then press the Enter key.
  5. At this time, a window pops up to prompt you to enter your username and password. In most cases, the default users and passwords are “admin”, but there are some exceptions. If you encounter this situation, just check the default router password list.

What do you do if you have a problem

  1. If your administrator password doesn’t work, you may need to use different passwords. To solve this problem, you can check all the Netgear passwords on the instructions or the back of the router.
  2. If you do forget the router’s password, there is only one way to solve the problem: you should reset the router. This process will return your router to the default factory settings.

How to reset the router

Resetting the router does not take much time, nor is it difficult. You just need to find the reset button on the back or side of your device. When you find it, hold it for about 20 seconds.